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Soil Testing Equipment

Our soil testing equipments includes compact soil test equipments that perform a complete range of static and dynamic tests. The array of soil testing equipments includes Vernier Transit Theodolite, Sokkia Auto Level, Liquid Limit Device, Soil Cone Penetrometer, Speedy Moisture Meter, Sand Pouring Cylinder, Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus and more. The soil test equipments fulfill the requirements and specifications for soil testing as defined by various testing & certifying agencies like ASTM, etc. These Soil Test Equipments are compact, easy to operate and rugged to use systems, available at cost effective prices. Every soil testing equipment offered is precision-engineered and checked for flawless & consistent performance and accurate testing.

Cat No : AT-013

NAME : Sokkia Auto Level

Sokkia Auto Level is designed to meet the requirements of Civil Engineer, Surveyor and Mining Engineer for high-grade soil testing equipment giving a maximum portability.


  • Sokkia Auto Level Magnification- 22x
  • Standard Deviation for 1Km double run leveling- 2mm with Aluminum Leveling Staff and aluminum Tripod Stand
  • Range: ±15'
  • Accuracy: ±0.3"/1'

Cat No : AT-036

NAME : Speedy Moisture Meter

Speedy Moisture Meter of soil is generally measured as a ratio of the weight of water to the weight of solids, expressed in percentage. As soil behavior depends on its moisture content, it is one of the basic parameters defining the soil condition. The 'Moisture' a content of soil, can be obtained quickly with reasonable accuracy by using a Speedy Moisture Meter. The test technique is based on the fact that water will react with calcium carbide to form acetylene gas. The quantity of acetylene gas produced is indicated on a built- in pressure gauge. A conversation formula gives the corresponding moisture content based on dry weight. Each soil test equipment is supplied complete in a wooden carrying case consisting of pressure vessel with clamp for sealing cap, rubber sealing gasket, pressure gauge in percentage moisture content 0-25% or 0-50% on the wet weight basis (6 gm) counterpoised balance for weighing samples, scoop for measuring calcium carbide, bottle of calcium carbide (500gm), a set of 4 steel balls and a cleaning brush.

Cat No. & Name Description
AT-036-1: Speedy Moisture Meter Speedy Moisture Meter (0-25%) complete with standard accessories in nice wooden carrying case.
AT-036-2: Speedy Moisture Meter Speedy Moisture Meter (0-50%) complete with standard accessories in nice wooden carrying case.

Cat No :AT-069

NAME : Lab CBR Test Apparatus

The Lab CBR Test Apparatus used to determine the relative bearing ratio and expansion characteristics under known surcharge weights of the base, sub-base and sub-grade soils for the design of roads, pavements and runways.


  • Capacity: 50 KN (5000 kg)
  • Strain rate: 1.25 mm per minutes
  • Power: 220 V, Single phase AC supply
  • CBR Mould with collar & base plate
  • Penetration piston, 50 mm die with bracket
  • Perforated brass swell plate with stem & locknut
  • Annular & slotted metal weight 2.5 kg
  • Aluminum tripod stand
  • Rammer 50 mm internal die 2.6 kg & 4.89 kg
  • Proving ring 10 KN capacity with calibration certificates in teak wooden carrying case
  • Dial gauge 0.01 mm * 25 mm travel

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